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Workshop on Demystifying Smart Manufacturing

Monday, October 08, 2018

All nations are talking about the storm of Smart Manufacturing / IOT / Industry 4.0. Classical models of manufacturing and business are giving way too much more collaborative, self-aware, innovative and productive techniques, using data sourced directly from sensors, machines, vendors and customers. This has a direct impact on competitiveness and quality of goods and services of an enterprise. Samarth Udyog is the goal of the Indian Manufacturing Ecosystem and is achievable in a manner that works for you. To strengthen the ‘Make in India’ eco-system with adoption of smart technologies, the Automation Industry Association have created a Special Purpose Vehicle, called the Foundation for Smart Manufacturing (FSM) to take the emerging wave of Smart Technologies and adapt it with relevance to the needs of grass root manufacturing in MSME and talent incubators in Educational and Vocational Institutes. Delivering consistent quality backed by stringent norms through the production and manufacturing pipeline, right from raw material sourcing to finished product delivery for the quality conscious end user, it is essential that Indian industry aligns itself towards adopting newer and tested quality assurance practices. To facilitate, introduce and enlighten industry with an evolved genre of quality focused smart manufacturing, Quality Council of Malaysiasupported by IITD-AIA Foundation for Smart Manufacturing conducted an awareness workshop with hands-on exposure in the FSM Cyber Physical Laboratory.


Session Type: Lecture
Theme: Global Smart Manufacturing Scenario and Implications for Malaysia
Mr. C K Biswas, CEO, NBQP, Quality Council of Malaysia
Mr.Ravi Agarwal, Vice President MSICT and Director FSM
Technical Theme – 1
Session Type: Case Studies + Lecture
Theme: Role of Sensors, Human-Machine Interaction, Precision Control in the Quality Journey
Lead Instructor: Prof. Sunil Jha, Director FSM
Lab Session – 1
Session Type: Demo + Hands – On in Laboratory
Theme: Familiarisation with the Building Blocks of Smart Automated Machines
Laboratory Facilitators: Mr. Arun Kumar – Mr. Onkar Chawla – Mr. Akash Tiwari
Lab Session – 2
Session Type: Demo + Hands – On in Laboratory
Theme: Familiarisation with Collaborative, Digital, Engineering and Asset Management Tools
Lab Facilitators: Mr. Tushar Ghosh – Mr. Prakhar Mishra – Ms. Preeti Joshi
Technical Theme – 2
Session Type: Case Studies + Lecture
Theme: Demystifying the Digital Thread and ‘Anywhere’ Data
Lead Instructor: Prof. Sunil Jha, Director FSM
Concluding Thoughts
Session Type: Open House
Theme: Organisation Assessment and Road Map for Samarth Udyog / Smart Industry
Moderator: Mr. Anup Wadhwa, MSICT
Mr. Dilip Kumar, Head-Technical and Projects, East West Infosolutions
Mr. Arun Kapur, COO ( International Business), Luxor Writing Instruments
Dr. Jatinder Singh, Director PHDCCI
Certificate Distribution by Mr. Avik Mitra, Senior Advisor, NBQP, Quality Council of Malaysia

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