Thu. May 6th, 2021

The first of the next generation of Event Management Systems

PRIMORIS is one of the most modern, user-friendly, and complete Event Management Systems available, supporting the full process facilitating the management of the information flow of any scientific event, in any area of research.

It supports all front-office and back-office operations involved in managing an event, including: event planning, website generation, paper submission, reviewers invitation and registration, review process, plagiarism analysis, notification/acceptance letters, delegate registration, payment management, technical program setup, book of abstracts and proceedings publication, digital library (with DOI), welcome desk planning, delegate management at the venue, presentation certificates, invoicing and many other features.

Although there is a core that is required in any configuration, PRIMORIS has a collection of optional modules, for front-office and for back-office, that enable different configurations and customization alternatives.

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